newken(leftimageonhomepage)On my Journey as a healer and teacher I have arrived at the culmination of my healing philosophies. This culmination is defined as Dimensional Wisdom.  At the core of Dimensional Wisdom lies a potent tool box; the right tool for the right job…

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Dimensional Wisdom is Vibrational Medicine

Our emotional state creates a resonance that has a measurable vibration to it. For example, someone who thinks and therefore resonates with apathy, fear or anger will interact with and perceive the world differently than one who resonates with love,  joy or peace. As a result, our reality is created by what and how we think…our vibrational resonance. I can help you raise your vibration.

Dimensional Wisdom Apprenticeship

We are excited by the on-going enrollment of students into our amazing Dimensional Wisdom apprentice program. Enrolled students are enriched by our intensive and fully comprehensive educational curriculum. Small class sizes and access to the master insure that you will receive a thorough and contemporary education.

The Ken Gong DVD, previously only available in Europe now can be purchased. This is a very well produced video that will enlighten the viewer with visual instruction. Set in beautiful surroundings, the video encompasses all of the master’s major seminars.

Ken Gong is Meditation, Breathing, Shielding and Qi Gong – from an African American Shaman’s Perspective! (Read More)

footerwidgetCDKen Gong is a unique matrix of applied philosophy, psychology, physiology and physical training. Ken Grider has traveled over several continents in search of effective transcendental healing, awareness and energy resources. In turn, Ken Gong is the culmination of many years of research. The resulting DVD is a learning compendium. This instructional video is richly produced within the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Join the master as he explains in articulate detail the meaning and techniques that are the essence of Ken Gong.


Look for my up-coming book. Akinje: Tales of an African American Shaman. 

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